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About Jessica Sylvester


Jessica Sylvester has over a decade of experience working in the field of nutrition. Her professional background includes inpatient nutrition care for acute medical conditions (including critical care and trauma patients), outpatient nutrition care for management of chronic disease, clinical nutrition research, academia, food science writing, and editorial work for peer-reviewed nutrition journals. Prior to opening a private practice, Jessica spent several years working in local hospitals as a clinical dietitian in the Intensive Care Unit. She sees both pediatric and adult patients. Her counseling focuses on connecting with each patient in order to understand their background and medical history, and how they interact to manifest symptoms. In her practice, Jessica focuses on identifying the root cause of symptoms and uses those results to determine evidence-based nutrition interventions. She describes her work as “investigative nutrition”.

Because of her extensive experience in nutrition and the many years she spent as part of the ICU critical care team, Jessica is uniquely positioned to understand how diet can preserve health, manage disease, and save lives. She knows what the worst case scenario can look like, and is determined to prevent it in all her patients.
In addition to running a private practice, Jessica serves as a National Media Spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. In this role, she serves as a subject matter expert on nutrition and connects with local and national media outlets to answer scientific questions about nutrition theories and protect the integrity of her field. She advocates for her patients’ right to have access to accurate nutrition reporting as well as her colleagues’ role as certified nutrition experts.
Jessica was born in Miami Beach, Florida and speaks English, Hebrew, Portuguese and Spanish.
Advanced Clinical Board Certifications
Accolades in Nutrition